High energy prices are pushing up power bills and causing a cost-of-living crisis for everyday Queenslanders. 

Read their stories and learn how the sustainable energy solutions we are proposing would ease their financial pressures.

Photo of Gary in his social housing apartment. Man speaking to an interviewer, wearing glasses and a tshirt.

Gary’s story

Gary is a volunteer with Communify’s neighbourhood centre in Bardon, helping out at the pantry and with community events.  He has a disability and lives

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Lisa telling us her story about rising energy prices

Lisa’s story

Lisa moved to Australia from New Zealand and has lived in the Logan area for the past 5 years with her young family. She works

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Joan telling her story about rising costs putting pressure on her pension

Joan’s story

Joan is a retired chef and grandmother. Her husband passed away suddenly 21 years ago and she was left to raise her children. She is

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Kara Cost Of Living

Kara’s story

Kara is a great example of the benefits of providing solar energy to renters. Townsville social housing provider Yumba-Meta participated in a program to provide

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Bailey Cost Of Living

Bailey’s story

Bailey’s family live in public housing on the Sunshine Coast. Their poorly designed home gets incredibly hot in summer due to limited air flow –

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