Bailey’s story

Bailey Cost Of Living
Bailey’s family live in public housing on the Sunshine Coast. Their poorly designed home gets incredibly hot in summer due to limited air flow – an environment that is particularly challenging for Bailey who has a disability.

“My two children and I have disabilities that mean if we overheat we’ll end up in hospital, so we always have the air conditioning running,” said Bailey.

“Our bills are around $1,200 a quarter and they’re going up. We’re expecting them to go up further. With the rising cost of living, affording food and medication is also an issue.

“We previously lived in Gympie where we had a small solar system on the roof. It was really great and helped bring down our bills. But we had to move after that house was flooded three times and we couldn’t afford to fix the house and keep paying the mortgage.

“I just don’t understand why the government is helping homeowners get solar when they’re not helping us. Our house has the perfect roof for solar.”