Queensland has an energy bill problem.

It's time for powerful, sustainable solutions.

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Unlocking the power of renewable energy to tackle the cost of living crisis

Right now, Queenslanders are paying.  

High international coal and gas prices and rolling breakdowns at Queensland’s ageing coal and gas power stations have sent our power bills skyrocketing.

At the same time, we’re already dealing with more frequent and extreme weather events fuelled by the climate crisis – such as heatwaves, floods and fires. The costs of these disasters add to our grocery bills and drive up the cost of living.

The good news is the clean technology solutions we need to address both the cost of living and climate crises are available now.

We can make our homes more comfortable with energy efficiency upgrades and power our lives with affordable renewable energy, like rooftop solar. The solutions are here – we just need governments to make sure that they’re accessible to all.

Power Together is an alliance of advocacy organisations who want to unlock the powers of renewable energy and energy efficiency to reduce cost of living pressures for all Queenslanders.

We also want to make sure we’re building stronger, resilient communities that are better equipped to manage the impacts of more extreme weather events.

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