Queensland has an energy bill problem.

It's time for powerful, sustainable solutions.

A man and a woman having a conversation in a community centre.

Unlocking the power of renewable energy to tackle the cost of living crisis

Right now, Queenslanders are paying.  

We’re paying high power bills because we rely on expensive coal and gas, and we’re paying for the impacts of climate change that are already hurting our communities.

Our outdated energy system is unreliable, ageing and often breaks down. It’s driving up energy prices by exposing Queenslanders to volatile coal and gas prices, making it harder and harder for people to make ends meet.

There is a solution.

Renewable energy offers a cost-effective way to create energy for all Queenslanders.

We need to give Queenslanders the relief they need now, then invest in cheap renewable energy to maximise the benefits to the Queensland community.

If we want to permanently lower prices and keep our communities safe, we need to invest in renewable energy.

We’re an alliance of advocacy organisations who want to re-imagine and unlock the powers of renewable energy to reduce cost of living pressures for all Queenslanders, forever.

Members of our Alliance

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Watch the stories of real Queenslanders, hear about the pressures they face, and listen to the solutions they want to see.

Powering our future

We've pulled together the data about how to change the way we power Queensland, forever.

Read the report here.

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