Marek and Bozena’s story

Marek and Bozena.
Marek and his mother Bozena live in Ipswich and have a 5.5kW solar system. After installing solar they made the move off gas to all electric appliances. 

“Over the last 6 years we have saved over $21,000 excluding our investment and about $16,000 including the investment. I would advise everyone to have solar.  

“We have saved about $100 a month by moving off gas and going fully electric. The best savings are from not having to pay the gas bills.

“In the future we want to install batteries so we can be independent. Like when we had the floods. We were lucky that the water only came to the door but we didn’t have any electricity,” said Bozena.

Bozena is waiting to see how high her next electricity bill is following wholesale power price hikes. 

  “I’m waiting for the bill to come to see how high it is and I’m worried about blackouts. I have a disabled husband who needs to stay warm, so we use things like electric blankets. We need reliable power,” said Bozena.

Seeing the benefits of having solar and electrifying their home, Marek and Bozena want the government to do more to ensure everyone including renters and people living in social housing have access to a home which is liveable and more affordable to run.

“It’s very unfair. All governments should work together to give people a chance to live in proper houses. Someone should control the electricity prices for renters and social housing people.

“That’s why we have so many homeless people now or going that way.”