Electricity price rises

Today, the cost of electricity in South East Queensland was confirmed to increase by 22% from 1 July, the latest in a series of price hikes.

That’s an average increase of $350 per household per year, when many hardworking families are already struggling with the cost of living pressures.  

The Queensland Government can step up and take responsibility for supporting vulnerable households to access relief and household renewable energy, and invest in large-scale renewable energy to bring long term prices down.


The Power Together coalition was created to highlight that overcoming the cost of living crisis can also reduce carbon emissions through energy efficiency and large and small-scale renewable energy. Earlier this month, the Federal Budget made a good start in committing $1.3 billion for household relief, but this is only a temporary bandaid for a much bigger problem. 

The Queensland Government has the option to bring in stronger minimum energy efficiency standards for rental houses. This is desperately needed by the third of Queenslanders who rent and cannot control their own energy bills. This is one of the Power Together Coalition’s 8 points to bring down costs and carbon emissions. 

This latest price rise shows that we need stronger action to bring down bills. Renewable energy and energy efficiency are the best way to create a fairer, greener, and more affordable future for Queensland. Write to the Minister so that our voices can be heard.

Together we can get the solutions that Queensland needs for a clean, safe, and affordable future.